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You have found Vernon Guest House! Fantastic. Welcome to Vernon.

Vernon Guest House opened two years on a whim. My oldest daughter suggested and I posted a room just to see what would happen. 🙂

I love it. I love having guests in my home. Who would have thought. I have never considered myself a host type but this is awesome and we have been busy ever since.

Vernon Guest House has hosted guests from all over the globe during summer tourist season. The summers in the Okanagan are beautiful and there are many folks traveling through. I have two rooms available for what ever your needs. You are welcome to stay for as little as one night, weekly or monthly. Kalamalka Room is a slight bit bigger and on the east side of the house. Okanagan Room is on the west side.

Vernon Guest House is located across from Vernon Jubilee Hospital

Due to my location, right across the street from the hospital in Vernon, I have hosted many medical school students from programs all over Canada.  Medical students, Nursing, Psych nursing, Pharmaceutical, Lab Techs and Speech Language Pathologists, to name a few. It has been wonderfully rewarding to support these folks on their career path, and for them, it’s super easy to get to work. Literally 2 minute walk across the street. In our second year doctors and nurses began staying at the house. They too love it. In fact they love it so much I am eager to create more space for them, private space.

Creating more space at Vernon Guest House!

I have taken on the challenge of renovating the house so I can offer more accommodations. I started with creating some parking in the back for guests and then over the first Christmas we created two en-suite bathrooms so each of the guest rooms on the main floor have their own private bathroom.

From there I went on to creating a plan for the whole house, including an addition. This summer we begin with a new foundation! Yes, that is a big job. You may see an excavator in the yard when you arrive, or piles of dirts in one area and holes in another. 🙂

The lower level will have two one bedroom suites with patio’s, fully equipped and private. It has taken a bit of time to get the permit and I am sure it will take a bit of time to get them ready for guests. My fingers crossed for this fall. In the mean time, the two rooms on the main floor are open and I continue to enjoy all the folks coming through. Check out our availability and book your stay!

I will keep you all informed as we move along, maybe even add some pictures. 🙂

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